Somebody stole a box of Girl Scout cookies from me today.

Said he’d pay me back, called himself Jack Anderson when I asked for a name but it turns out Jack Anderson doesn’t exist and doesn’t go to Skyline.

In the ten years that I’ve sold cookies this has never happened before. I’ve been too trusting of people, too willing to deliver on credit.

Yeah it’s only $4 but still the fact that it happened is kind of


My opinion of people has dropped considerably. Who would steal from Girl Scouts?

Update: I found him in the yearbook and called his mother and today I received four dollars


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  1. bathtubbrat said: Dude, I’m sorry! I don’t know who would do that. But I think you should keep an eye out for him at school and confront him about it. Or key his car.
  2. d5-33 said: :(
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